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Elk Ridge Community Pre-Sale Application

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Elk Ridge Community Pre-sale Application: Phase 1

Thank you for taking an interest in our exclusive, Elk Ridge community!


We would love the opportunity to get to know you better. By completing the questionnaire below, you will provide us with valuable insights of the future Elk Ridge Community.

An Elk Ridge, executive team member, will contact you soon with our Phase 1 pre-sale package information. Please ensure to provide your contact details below!

Do you wish to be part of Elk Ridge Phase 1 Pre-sales?
Are you planing to build you own home?
Would you assitance with design and biuld of yur future home.
Is your intention to live in Elk Ridge long term as your principle residence?
Are you able and willing to put a min $50,000 in trust for the duration of phase 1 build out? ( Min 15 Months)
Do you wish to be part of a like minded community?
Do you need assistant with financing?
Do you have an interest in advanced health and wellness?
Do you have interest in self-sufficient horticulture?
Are you seeking a rental scenario in the Elk Ridge Community

Thanks for submitting!

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