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John Koury MBA, C. Dir

VP Corporate Development


John Koury was born in British Columbia, holds a Master’s Degree in Business and is a qualified professional in corporate governance education with a Chartered Director certification by McMaster University’s Directors College. 

John has over 25 years of senior executive management and corporate board director oversight experience in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver Island.

John held a key position as General Manager of Logistics, enabling The Forzani Group Ltd. (Sport Chek, Sport Mart, National Sports, Sports Experts, Nevada Bobs, Coast Mountain Sports and more) to successfully rollout turnkey leasehold improvements in major shopping malls across Canada, and acquisition of leading national retailers in the competing space.

Before John left his position to become owner/operator of four FGL, Jersey City franchises on Vancouver Island, he was responsible for the implementation of Just-In-Time best practices using innovative, digitally integrated, inventory control methods driven by modern information technology systems for over 250 store locations. John’s successful track record of inventory control and distribution management contributed to a sales volume of $400 million from 24/7 warehousing and distribution operations, with a labour force of 100+, connected to the headquarters based in Calgary. John managed a large, high moral workforce without any disruption for 10 years before his departure to venture on as an entrepreneur.

John served in the public interest as Corporate Secretary for the National Regulator for the immigration consulting profession, the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. He was also a board director for the Canadian Migration Institute, an education and advocacy company and Immfund Canada, a fund management company and others. John’s work contributed to precedent-setting victory in the Supreme Court of Canada to advance the quality of the profession and consumer choice.

John made a substantial commitment to public life after selling his retail stores by running in 2 federal elections. He was elected for 2 terms as an elected official on the North Cowichan council, including as Deputy Mayor, and Chair of the Economic Development Committee for both terms. With a focus on increasing private sector growth, reducing regulation, providing land use planning clarity and fair taxation, his efforts attracted new business in residential, commercial and industrial sectors while making sensible public infrastructure improvements to pave the way for future sustainable development.

John Koury is married to his lifelong friend from high school, Nora Koury, and has two young adult sons.  

Elk Ridge business development will benefit strongly from John’s intuitive skill and insight in business, management and planning

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