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Ian Chadwick MSc C.Eng MICE P.Eng

General Manager, Elk Ridge Estates Ltd.

Ian Chadwick

Ian Chadwick has 31 years of continuous post-graduation experience in engineering.. His vast, multi-disciplinary, engineering experience spans the globe on many projects throughout his career.  


Ian is a natural leader and team builder using his multidisciplinary skill and expertise to assemble, empower and execute the right technical team, trades and service providers to meet project requirements on time and on budget.


With an excellent reputation among his peers in planning and engineering departments of local government, Ian is well respected for his thoroughness and thoughtfulness to address community stakeholder concerns that ensure sustainable development principles are applied throughout his work.


Expertise in land development and subdivision is second to none with Mr. Chadwick as Project Manager for Elk Ridge Estates. For the last three decades to present, Ian continues to apply his skill and knowledge that makes him a preeminent expert in the field.


Ian’s multi disciplinary engineering skill and experience in project design, procurement and management; redundant regulatory specified standard water and sewer infrastructure design; proforma development; financial oversight, analysis and contract negotiation on complex multi phased commercial, residential and industrial projects around the world are essential to the success of the Elk Ridge Development.

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