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David J. Salmon

Owner, President of Elk Ridge Estates Ltd.


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, David Salmon grew up in the heart of the Cowichan Valley in the very spot where his childhood dream is now unfolding before his eyes.

Located in the Cowichan Valley Regional District just West of Duncan, BC, Paldi formed part of David’s playground growing up. As a boy, David had a selfless dream to rebuild the old pioneer ghost town of Paldi, a culturally rich community, steeped in history of immigrants who came from farthest reaches of the world to work, raise their families and help build a nation. 

Technology changed how industry operates and Paldi, like so many olden day resource towns in Canada, the once vibrant community faded back into the forest and was nearly lost forever if not for the sanctity of the Sikh Temple, a national historic site, and the community building vision today of David Salmon. 

To make his dream come true David embarked on a successful entrepreneurial journey spanning a quarter century starting when he was very young.  He started working under the mentorship of real estate experts at a small private real estate company at just 16 years old where he quickly learned all aspects of real estate deal making including market speculation, sales, financing, regulatory compliance, building and land development in residential and commercial zones. 

At age 17, David started his first real estate company, Worthy Real Estate Investments Inc, a sales, marketing and finance consulting business. He later incorporated Worthy Developments, a licensed 2/5/10 New Home Warranty builder and built many custom homes before selling it to invest in and focus on his dream to revitalize the old town of Paldi with a brand new multi phase subdivision called Elk Ridge Estates Ltd. Over time, David has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate assets. Throughout the last 2 decades David has been involved with many smaller rural land developments located in Victoria area and the Cowichan Valley.

David seized on a great opportunity and incorporated Elk Ridge Estates Ltd in 2015 and quickly reversed the fortunes of an ailing community. He took a bankrupt development mired in litigation, acrimonious relations between land owners, cultural heritage adversity, ardent political opposition against development and found the solutions to bring all the community stakeholders together including local acreage residents, large plot owners, Cowichan Tribes and the Sikh community. David’s work made it easier for the regional government to move forward with his development permit application on a vision to rebuild the community beyond its former glory as the Elk Ridge Estates community. 

David’s prudent and compassionate approach to fix a community in decline and put an end to it’s controversy and litigation set a new course for Elk Ridge Estates to happen.

Real estate has always been a staple in David’s entrepreneurial ventures. As a homeowner himself at age 17, he knew the power of home equity which provided the foundation and credibility to launch successful businesses in the wholesale and retail consumer goods and service sectors. 

At the age of 21 David rolled out a start-up vending machine service business that grew to a leading company in the space, servicing over 4000 machines before he sold to a major competitor. When Canada paved the way for a new industry, David incorporated the first medical cannabis company in Canada in 2005, which still exists and thrives today.

Throughout his career, David continued to consult with his clients both buyers and sellers, on how to best maximize their real estate investments. He provided invaluable advice to 100’s of new home buyers on how to establish credit, build net worth, present documents and understand New Home Buyer finance advantages and opportunities.

Today the Elk Ridge community project is well on its way to fruition, heading by a local smart dedicated team determined to continue to succeed against tremendous odds where all others could not. 

David Salmon is a family man who loves his community. He has helped many people become proud homeowners. He has a passion and desire to build sustainable like minded communities that provide even more opportunity for home ownership on Vancouver Island for generations to come.

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