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A message from the President, David Salmon

Thank you for taking interest in our Elk Ridge Estates Land Development company.

 The Elk Ridge Community project is a highly unique comprehensive mixed use CD-1 zoned community that has been decades in the making and is now moving forward with phase 1 build out and phase 1 presales. 

Elk Ridge Estates Ltd is the major land and water holdings corporation within the Paldi Comprehensive Development Permit Area located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, fondly known as “The Warm Land”.

After many years of planning, I purchased the major land title, 196 acres, in the PCDPA in 2016. It took 8 years of vigorous work by the dedicated Elk Ridge team to achieve our goal of development permit approval for 103 units . 

The key element to our success is the prudent purchase of land my family made ten years ago that is the wellhead of an over abundant source of water we needed for the development to proceed and for the corridor to expand. Following that purchase we worked tirelessly with community stakeholders to establish this highly valuable water source as the new water utility for all future growth within area F of the CVRD. 

Our historical collaborative "equal precedence" agreement with local first nations The Cowichan Tribes brings major value to the citizens of the Cowichan Valley including the first nations.

We are building a exclusive, like minded, self sustaining, mixed-use community. Offering food security, permaculture practices and projects,  in the old town of Paldi located in Canada’s preeminent economic development growth corridor.


I am pleased to offer our first phase presales to a select group of people wishing to be part of this historical community project.


Elk Ridge Estates will be a wonderful, safe, secure, desirable place to live and grow. If you seek out a true community based on unity and self reliance, then we welcome you.


David Salmon

Founder/ CEO

Elk Ridge Community

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